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“The Rousseau 5000 is the BEST Dust Soltuion we have found, and we’ve tried a bunch!”
Jeremy Johnston, Johnston Trim Company

“The Rousseau 5000 Dust Collection Hood is one of the most innovative tools we have seen to date. If you’re like me the one thing I hate most about modern woodworking is dust. Not only is dust a mess, it is a health hazard for your lungs and some dust could be a carcinogen. One of the biggest culprits in the dust world is saws because they produce fine dust that becomes airborne very quickly.

Our friends at Rousseau have developed a great little pop up tent that attaches to most saws without tools, and the hood comes in a handy and compact carrying case for use outside the shop. The 5000 has been on both of our shop chop saws, the Delta 10 inch saw and also on the new DeWalt 12 inch Sliding CMS. To test the hood we left the bag provided by the manufacturer on the saws that are supposed to collect the dust. What we found was shocking as we observed there was a lot of dust that was not trapped by the bag originating from all over the saw, which was trapped in the 5000. This means if you use a bag only, your still going to produce a load of non-contained dust.”  … (Read entire review)

This Old Workshop

The Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws Eliminates the Dust from your Shop or Worksite.

• Fits All Saws
• Pops-Up For Easy Installation
• No Assembly Required
• Folds Compact

Rousseau 5000 Features

  • Designed Specifically To Capture Dust Generated by Miter Saws
  • Fits All Miter Saws
  • No Assembly Required
  • Mounting Pedestal Included
  • 4” Vacuum Port – Use With Or Without Vacuum System